How To Guides

How to locate Barnard's Star

Our guide will help you star-hop across the Milky Way to find one of the nearest stars to the Solar System.

Written by Ade Ashford.

Skill level: beginner

How to clean a reflector

Ensure your reflecting telescope is delivering the best views with our cleaning tips

How to clean a refractor

Ensure your refracting telescope is delivering the best views with our cleaning tips.

How to collimate a Newtonian telescope

Get pin-sharp views of the stars with a spot of fine tuning.

How to photograph meteor showers

Plan your shoot close to the shower’s peak activity for the best chance of truly stunning pictures.

This video shows you how to calibrate the date circle on your polarscope for more accurate polar alignment.

How to… Estimate star magnitudes

A clear night sky is awash with stars… we show you how to compare their brightness

Averted vision can be used to detect faint objects

With a bit of patience you can see much fainter objects than you ever imagined

How to… make a solar projection screen

Record features moving across the face of the Sun with this simple device.

Written by Mark Parrish.

How a back-garden telescope pier

Get a permanent base for your telescope for less than £100.

Written by Rob Lucas.

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