May 2010

- What lies beyond…the edge of the Universe. Marcus Chown explores the new observations that offer a glimpse at space beyond the observable Universe

- Enceladus uncovered – Will Gater looks at the incredible new evidence that points to an ocean of liquid water beneath the surface of Enceladus

- Patrick Moore writes about Barack Obama’s decision to cut NASA’s return to the Moon

- Beginners’ guide to…lunar occultations.

- A Britain’s space race special on the coverdisc, with a special hour long Radio 4 Archive Hour programme: listen to the story of how rockets like Black Arrow were built.

- We show you how to make a laptop imaging centre.

- Process to perfection – astrophotography guru Pete Lawrence shows you how to master image processing.

- Also on the coverdisc are more plans and pictures to help you make the laptop imaging centre, March’s episode of The Sky at Night, your best astronomy photos, observing forms, top tips to get your kids stargazing, the Virtual Planetarium, star-test software and a buyer’s guide to the best astronomical gear we’ve reviewed and much more!

- Guides covering how to capture an image of the Sun with a planetary camera, sketch the lovely cluster Messier 3 and observe the lunar crater Stöfler.

- The world’s biggest and best skyguide to the what you can see in the night skies in May including the Deep-Sky Tour of faint fuzzies in Coma Berenices

- The monthly Bulletin pages which bring you up to date on all the latest astronomical news as well as Cutting Edge analysis articles which highlight brand new research.

- Our Scope Doctor answers your technical kit questions.

- Go-to versus manual – which can find celestial targets quicker: an experienced astronomer with a manual telescope, or a novice with a Go-To setup.

- Cosmic cookery – don your oven gloves to cook up some imaginary intergalactic delights

- Reviews: we review the Orion SteadyStar Adaptive Optics Guider in First Light and six pairs of 7x50 binoculars in our Group Test.

- Interactive:
your letters, tweets, forum posts and readers’ scopes

- Gear –
Vincent Whiteman rounds up the latest astronomical accessories

- What’s On listings
– find out what astronomy events are on near you (also with astronomy related TV listings.)

- Hotshots:
this month's pick of your very best astrophotos

- Beautiful new images from space in Eye on the Sky

- The latest astronomy books reviewed

- Nightlife
– Chris Bramley talks to wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham about his love of astronomy

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