Watch NASA's stream of the lunar eclipse

If you live in the United Kingdom, western parts of continental Europe and Africa or eastern parts of South America, unfortunately you won't be able to observe today's lunar eclipse.

Luckily, NASA is live streaming the event for the rest of the world to enjoy.

A map of the world, courtesy of NASA, showing the regions from which you will be able to see the lunar eclipse on 31 January 2018.
Credit: NASA


Stargazers in the US and Canada, as well as western south America, eastern Europe, east Africa and Asia will be treated to a lunar eclipse today, 31 January 2018, at about 10:51 UTC.

The full Moon on 31 January is an example of a phenomenon often referred to as a ‘supermoon’, which occurs when the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit; a stage known as ‘perigee’.

But as well as this, if you happen to be observing from the right part of the world, you should be able to see the Moon pass through Earth’s shadow (weather permitting) in an event known as a total lunar eclipse.

This causes the Moon to take on a reddish tint, leading some to describe it as a ‘blood Moon’. The colour is a result of sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere, causing the blue light to be filtered out.

If you live in western Europe, west Africa and eastern parts of south America, unfortunately you will miss this particular eclipse.

Luckily, NASA is live streaming the event via NASA TV, with coverage beginning at 10:30 UTC.

You can watch NASA’s coverage of the event via the stream below.


Credit: NASA


Carousel image: Premjith Narayanan's image of the 14 November 2016 'supermoon' from Bahrain.
Credit: Premjith Narayanan
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