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The Visionary HD 7x50 comes in a soft carry case emblazoned with the brand name. They’re well presented in a two-tone rubberised covering, which is ergonomically shaped for the thumb to give a firm and reassuring grip. Although they’re not the lightest on test, it was some time before we got tired and resorted to mounting them on a tripod. The focus wheel and interpupillary adjustment was stiff; however, this could loosen up with usage.

This pair’s carry strap is worthy of mention: its wide, soft centre-section meant it didn’t cut into the neck, giving an advantage over other models’ straps and earning ‘Ease of use’ points. The front lens caps were loose, however, and often fell off, while the single eyepiece cap was not a good protective fit either.

Again, our first observing targets were the stars Procyon and Capella. The Visionary’s multicoated optics cut out ghosting unequivocally on these bright stars. The calibre of the view spurred us on, hardly surprising with sharp stars across 80 per cent of the 7°-wide field, with only slight trailing off through the outer 20 per cent. The prize was some of the best views in the test of Orion’s Belt and Sword together in one view, plus sharp panoramas of larger open clusters like the Beehive and Melotte 111. Brighter galaxies were revealed well: M101 and M51 were distinct fuzzy patches.

The Visionary 7x50 is a nice pair of binoculars, and the multicoated optics did an excellent job on a range of targets.

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This review appeared in the May 2010 issue of Sky at Night Magazine


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